Save the Date: Nuremberg Forum 2022 - 14 and 15 October 2022

Nuremberg Forum 2021

Online event: Practical Guide

This practical guide will provide you with some basic information regarding the Nuremberg Forum, the main annual event of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy (Nuremberg Academy), which takes place every year in October. It includes some practical information regarding the online conference and your participation. We look forward to virtually welcoming you in Nuremberg, the Palace of Justice, and Courtroom 600.

General information and duration of the event

The Nuremberg Forum 2021 is dedicated to marking the 70th anniversary of the formulation of the Nuremberg Principles, the principles of international law recognized in the Charter of the International Military Tribunal at Nuremberg and the judgment of that tribunal. The core question for this high-level conference is to assess whether the common fight against impunity has been living up to the expectations and standards set out by the Nuremberg Principles. It seeks to understand what challenges, if any, persist in terms of strengthening the common fight against impunity and towards sustainable peace through justice.

While the Nuremberg Forum usually takes place at the historic Courtroom 600 of the Nuremberg Palace of Justice, the location of the major Nuremberg Trial held before the International Military Tribunal, this year, the event is taking place online, through the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform, which can be accessed through  

The Nuremberg Forum 2021 will be a full two-day event and will take place on 15 and 16 October 2021. Please see further information on the programme in the programme section on the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform.


The event is in English.

Format of the event

The Nuremberg Forum 2021 will incorporate the format of a series of panel discussions. It will open with welcoming remarks, opening statement and two keynote addresses. The programme will be accompanied with some interactive tools and side events.

Do not miss our side event focusing on Courtroom 600

The Nuremberg Academy is delighted to partner with the Memorium Nuremberg Trials, and present a side event, which will take place on the second day of the Nuremberg Forum 2021, at 10 am CEST. The presentation will take the Nuremberg Forum 2021 audience through the courtroom history, describe changes to the courtroom over the years, and explain their significance while highlighting developments in perceiving the relevance of Courtroom 600.

About us

The Nuremberg Academy has also created a space in the programme to learn more about our activities, current work and ongoing projects. We will be available to answer your questions, using the “About us” room on Friday, 15 October 2021 between 12:15 and 12:45 and also on Saturday, following the side event, 16 October 2021, between 11:45 and 12:15.


The Nuremberg Forum is open to all public. Prior registration is required.

The conference will be particularly relevant to experts, professionals, and students interested in international criminal justice, international criminal law, political and social science, and focusing on academia and practice. We would like to especially invite young scholars, lawyers, and practitioners to join our discussion.

Joining the event  

You can register to participate in the Nuremberg Forum 2021.

After registration, you will receive your confirmation email and login details which can be used for to enter the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform on the day of the event. Further details in this regard will be communicated via the Updates&News section on the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform or through our Twitter account (@NurembergAcademy).  

The registration login details are specific to you. Please do note disseminate these details.

On 15 October 2021, you will be able to log in using the following steps:


If you forgot to register in advance, and there is available space, please use this link to register:

“Not registered yet?”

not registered

The virtual platform will allow you to join the panels and access other interactive parts of the programme.   


There is no registration fee, and participation at the Nuremberg Forum is free of charge.

Interaction and participation

The Nuremberg Forum is based on the premise of dialogue and exchange. The virtual event is set up to maintain this interaction. The virtual platform offers an interactive chat function. It further also provides for a 1-1 meeting. During the coffee breaks, the International Nuremberg Principles Academy will prepare various activities for engaging all participants in the discussion. Please follow the programme or the public chat for more details.

To ensure transparency in this exchange, we kindly ask you to introduce yourself.

Public Chat

For accessing the public chat, click on this button in the lower right corner of the screen:


Select public chat room.

When using the public chat function, please introduce yourself.

Please ensure a respectful online space for everyone.

Please note that the default position is that the public chat is activated, allowing for exchange and dialogue between the Forum participants. Your surname will be visible in the private chat room unless you deactivate the chat function.

Private Chat

You will be able to chat with speakers and experts, including participants who activated their chat functions.

Send us your question

You can also send us your question directly, filling out the below form.

When sending in questions for the specific panel, please add your full name, position, affiliation and country.  


No time to chat

If you do not have the time to chat, click on this icon einstellungen and activate "Do not disturb".

Do not feel like chatting

If you do not want to chat, click on this icon einstellungen and activate "Turn off chat".


Allowing cookies is essential to ensure good functioning of the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform. Please ensure that all your cookies are activated.

Online virtual event space

Please be respectful of the online virtual space and adhere to formal etiquette in general.

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy reserves the right, as the host of the event, to remove any attendee who violates the general formal etiquette rules.


The Nuremberg Academy promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion in our panels and events. Due consideration is given to gender balance and equitable geographic representation.


Please note that the Nuremberg Forum 2021 is a public event.

It will be recorded, and photographs will be taken in the form of screenshots. The Nuremberg Forum will also be made available through the YouTube channel and other outreach networks of the Nuremberg Academy at a later stage. You are kindly asked not to record the event or save the recording locally. The International Nuremberg Principles Academy reserves the right, as the host of the event, to impede the recording from third parties.

Data protection and privacy policy

All the information on electronic collection and storage of data for the event is available on the International Nuremberg Principles Academy website,

By registering, you accept that the event will be recorded and the video of panel discussions will be available on the Youtube channel of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy. Chat messages are visible to all participants, but will not be part of the official recording. Moreover, the event might be also recorded for internal purposes. Please note that in this case, the privacy settings and policy of the International Nuremberg Principles Academy apply and the recording will be only processed for the purposes of the event.

Distribution of materials

Should you wish to distribute any material or links during the conference, please note that this can be done only with the prior express permission of the conference organiser.

Event cancellation

The International Nuremberg Principles Academy reserves the right to cancel the event should circumstances arise which would make conducting the event non-viable.


The Nuremberg Academy welcomes feedback on the Nuremberg Forum 2021. In case you are willing to provide feedback and your reflections, please use the feedback form available on the Nuremberg Forum 2021 virtual platform. 


The Nuremberg Academy will prepare a conference report capturing the essential takeaways from the conference to preserve the important findings of the discussions.

Relevant contact

In case of content-related questions, please contact Ms Jolana Makraiová, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

In case of technical assistance, and for media-related questions, please contact Ms Petra Härtel, at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

We look forward to welcoming you to the conference.

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